Under the Veil

by Unloved

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released October 8, 2017

All songs written and performed by Unloved.
Produced, Mixed and Recorded by Greg Thomas at Silver Bullet Studios.
Additional Production by Chris Yeti.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Artwork designed by Nathaniel Burns @RevoltingWorship.
Artwork layout by Blake Sturchio.

Guitars, Vocals and Bass performed by Brian Bellitto.
Guitars and Vocals performed by Marco Corsino.
Drums performed by Dave Woltmann.

Additional Vocals by Sean Niland and Darrel Tauro on "As Light Engulfs"
Additional Vocals by Kenny Kalanick on "Blood and Bone"
Additional Vocals by Greg Thomas and Jay Aust on "Condemned"
Additional Vocals by Michael Stello on "Under the Veil"

Special thanks to Greg Thomas, Adam Sahlin, Chris Sansone, Mike Woitten, Gabriel Martinez, Jay Aust, Sean Martin, Anthony Corsino and Chris Barry for being involved in this project.


all rights reserved



Unloved Connecticut


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Track Name: All Hail
Hail to the giants that keep you small
Pray to the heavens to favor your soul
Generations of faithful all standing in line to commence the end of time
Under the veil of god.
Track Name: Devour the Earth
Holy wars
God eat god
The world you built will crumble

Spiritual genocide
The innocent will suffer
The sky devours the earth

Will you still believe
When the walls around you start to cave
Will you still believe

Salvation bought and sold
The march towards the light
Intangible reality
A world of deceit
The sky devours the earth

Your walls will break before you know who you are
Track Name: As Light Engulfs
Those who live in desolation
Exiled from common truth
Fixated on their own salvation
Praying for eternal youth
Drenched in violence
Born from pain
The world to come will know my name

As light engulfs
The world deforms
Blind to the truth

Destroyer of life
In fear of judgement
All semblance of sanity ignored
And put to flame

Blind to the truth

Destroying morality
Poisoning minds
In search of a world they will never find
Enslaved by guilt
Consumed by fear
Doomed to inevitable extinction
As light engulfs
The world deforms

Generations will fall
Empires will crumble
Shake the foundation
Return to dust.
Track Name: Blood and Bone
The earth decays
Sinking in rivers of blood and bone

Shackled to the ground we fight to stay alive
Pity and cowardice envelop the fierce and brave

This is terror
This is hell
We wear a plague mask
We can't dispel

We can't dispel
In search of heaven we walk through hell

Shackled to the ground
We fight to stay alive
Shrouded by clouds of reining death
Drowning in fear
We march to our grave.
Track Name: Who Seeks Shall Find
Horror unfolds
As death grips around my neck
My worlds entrenched in rot and decay

Who seeks shall find
Who sleeps is blind

Menacing the skies turn grey
As I'm dragged through pestilence and plague
Gauge out my eyes
Repay the debt of lies

Baited with lust
To hang in the balance of the cruel in just
Every sin is my weight to bear
Searching for peace
I long for judgement.
Track Name: Condemned
Blood stained fields of death
The air is marred with out dying breath
Piercing skin and broken bones
Men crumble underneath the blood and dirt
This killing ground starts to feel like home

My lungs fill with dust and decay
There is no hope we will ever be saved
Our lungs fill with dust and decay
When the sky turns to flame
There will be no where left to run

Condemned to die
Our ashes
Black out the sky
The anguish of the earth
Absolves no one.

Burning beneath the calloused earth
Shrieking when the sky turns to flame there will be no where left to run

Burning beneath the
Farewell to life
Farewell to love
We've been sent to die
Poison reigns
Black out the sky
We've been sacrificed.
Track Name: The Dust and the Slaughter
Black clouds of grief
Engulf the darkened sky
As light left your bones
The guilty will reap
What they've sewn

Blinded by rage in the dust and the slaughter
Nothing can heed the strength of my hate
Until the earth runs black with blood
Track Name: Under the Veil
We are at war with ourselves
Devolving, eroding
We rot in chains
Blind ambition, corruption
Holy destruction
Humanity put to flame

All truth and justice marred with violent intent
By those who believe they are heaven sent

Destroy beliefs
Evolve, transform
To preserve life
Through chaos, disorder
We erupt in violence
Commence the end

We watch the sky devour the earth
The world will yield under the veil of god

Shake the foundation
Break the chains
Burn the temples
That keep you detained
Exploit the boundaries
Explore the void
Rebuild on the debris of what we've destroyed.

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