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Scumbag Five tracks in under 10 minutes, this EP is an explosion!
Actually, because there's no fading or silence between tracks it's more like one that can be partitioned into five parts. Anyway, the music itself is short, sharp and brutal - like a high velocity scalpel aimed right in your ear! Mind-searing stuff! Favorite track: Hollow Words.
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released April 11, 2014

Recorded at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT.
Recorded by Greg Thomas and Chris Barry.
Mixed by Greg Thomas.
Produced by Greg Thomas and Brian Bellitto.
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
Artwork by Vinny Rosa.

Brian - Vocals
Mike - Guitar
Jay - Guitar
Sean - Bass
Chris - Drums



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Unloved Connecticut

Connecticut Hardcore.

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Track Name: Ask No Omen
There is no hope for the lost and forgotten
I've been left to die
Unending sorrow and misery
Is the only world I know.

No praying hands or spoken praise
Can kill the pain in me
There is nothing left
Only death will bring me peace.

I have no remorse for the lives I've claimed
My plea for hope is lost
My fear has turned to rage
No love no saving grace
I've been cursed to walk alone

No praying hands or spoken praise
Can kill the pain in me
There is nothing left
Only death will bring me peace.

Another day
Another breath
A promise worse than death.

Ask no omen but your country's cause
I refuse the will of god.
Track Name: Endless
A broken promise
A false order
There is no way out
No hope for release
Bound to a sorrow
You are forced to reap.

Cursed with endless pain
No way out
No hope for release
You are cursed with endless pain.

You carved your name into stone
But now you bear its weight
Cast order
Into the unknown
Left to suffer
In it's wake.
Track Name: True Believer
A blind crusade
A disconnect
Misguiding youth to a vengeful death
Exploiting innocence
For a false salvation.

Preaching violence and virtue
While masking the truth
While hiding your lies
You fucking coward.

Holy hands will change
But the lie will still remain
How many more will die
Do the ends you seek
Justify the means
You left a path of death
In your search for truth.

Where is your retribution
How can the guilty walk
While the righteous are left to die.
Track Name: Hollow Words
Are we cast out
To roam the world alone
Under an empty sky
The light that we've been seeking
May not seem so clear
But I'd rather live in darkness
Then be buried under fear.

In this demon haunted world
I reject your blessing
I will bear your curse
Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.

No holy words
Can save your skin
No sacred hymn
Will guide you through
Are we cast out.

Hollow words
Breed hollow minds
Your fear has left you blind.

I will walk alone
Under an empty sky
We are unloved
I am unloved
Never knowing fear
I walk alone.